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Summer Island is a collaborative mini-region made for the Summer 2019 event. It is a simple, warm region. Travel to Summer Island is possible via the Airport. After receiving one's starter, the Player can choose to leave the region by speaking to the Sailor to the north of the central area.

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Map Area Name Description
Fairgrounds The central area of the island. Contains a PC, a healing tent, and a Gacha machine that players can pull to get rare Poké Balls.
Boardwalk An area that sells some useful items, including Repels.
Summer Sea Collecting all of the island's Mons lets the player receive a Whelter that knows Surf, enabling them to explore the surrounding seas, encounter new Mons, and go on a hunt for hidden treasure.


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As a collaborative region, Summer Island does not have a Dex of its own but includes species from other regions across Pokéngine.


There are no notable named characters in Summer Island.


During the Summer 2019 event, this peaceful island suffered an infestation of Cocopow. Players were tasked with defeating as many Cocopow as possible to increase their score on the leaderboards. The top 3 players received a prize in the form of a unique, rare Mon. All event participants received a Paow as a participation award.

Now that the event is over, players can still explore the island, collect Mons and uncover the hidden secrets of the treasure map.

Walkthrough Part 1: The Island[]

In order to gain access to Surf to explore the seas around Summer Island, you must capture all available Mons on the island, which are listed below. Once you have them all, speak to the clown in the tent area on the north side of the island. He will reward you with a Whelter which knows the move Surf.

Image Mon Name Dex Level Method Dex Page Link
Sandstrum Junnin 5-10 Grass (25%) link
Pupsea Rica 5-10 Grass (20%) link
Clawconut Orohn-Havai 5-10 Grass (15%) link
Cocopow Cyare 5-10 Grass (5%) link
Archick Rica 5-10 Grass (day) (20%) link
Crimby hot.png
Crimby (Hot form)

Note: You only need one Crimby form.

Korza 5-10 Grass (day) (5%) link
Crimby bubbly.png
Crimby (Bubbly form)

Note: You only need one Crimby form.

Korza 5-10 Grass (day) (5%) link
Budluga Cretassic 8-10 Grass (day) (5%) link
Frirate Okeno 5-10 Grass (night) (20%) link
Lampy Korza 5-10 Grass (night) (10%) link
Cavacreep Qamor 8-10 Grass (night) (5%) link
Image Mon Name Dex Levels Method Dex Page Link
Capsudier Qamor 5-10 Walking (50%) link
Meduzap Novrai 5-10 Walking (50%) link

Walkthrough Part 2: Treasure Hunt[]

Screenshot of the Summer Island treasure map.

The Summer Island treasure map, showing the location of the buried treasure along with notable landmarks where the key hints are hidden.

Just south of the main Summer Island, there is a small island with a map sitting on it. You must view the map in-game in order to start the treasure hunt. The map illustrates the location of the treasure, marked with an X, as well as the locations of the hints necessary to find the chest keys.

In order to open the treasure chest, you will need three keys hidden across the map. First, you will have to find the hint leading to the location of each key. Then, you will have to locate the key itself.

Key 1[]

The first hint is located at the base of a flower on a little island.

Click "expand" to read the hint text and solution:

The hint reads: A key. fertile grove. Flowers abound. The key is located on the main Summer Island, inside a flower within the palm tree maze on the east side of the island.

Key 2[]

The second hint is located in the center of the whirlpool.

Click "expand" to read the hint text and solution:

The hint reads: Out in the sea, a lone tree holds the key. The key is located on the island immediately west of the whirlpool. Interact with the tree to obtain the key.

Key 3[]

The third hint is located in a large, unique rock.

Click "expand" to read the hint text and solution:

The hint reads: Two to the east, two to the south, two with the key. The key is located in a double-rock in the water, two rocks east and two rocks south of the hint location.

Buried Treasure[]

The buried treasure is located at the red X on the treasure map, on the southernmost island in Summer Seas. The treasure is not visible at first as it is buried. Interact with sand around the area until you uncover the treasure chest.

Once you have obtained all 3 keys, you will be able to open the treasure chest.