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The following is a step-by-step guide to completing the main story quest in the Rica region. This guide contains spoilers. Players are recommended to try the event for themselves first and only refer to this walkthrough in the event that they become stuck.

Starting Your Journey: Gym 1[]

You arrive in Rica at White Wharf, a dock on a rocky cliff near Professor Piper's research facility. Professor Piper is not around, so head inside the research facility and choose a starter in the left wing of the building. Once you've chosen, you can head east through Route R1 to Sprig Town.

Professor Piper will stop you for a battle upon reaching Sprig Town (you can progress whether you win or lose), then explain the reason you have come to Rica: you are to investigate reports of aggressive Pokemon attacks.

From there, proceed through Route R2, Totora Town, and Route R3 to reach Ceropia City. In order to progress further, you must defeat Gym Leader Natalie and receive the Wilds Badge.

Totora Town[]

This is one of three port towns in Rica you can use to access other regions. Talk to the sailor by the dock to travel.

Old Rod Quest[]

Enter the red building and speak to the old fisherman to begin the quest. You must deliver a package to his friend in Ceropia City (the farthest, brown house). Then, return to Totora Town to receive the Old Rod and the achievement Old Fisherman's Delivery.

Ceropia City[]

Ceropia City notably includes the first gym of the region as well as an outfit shop (top right stall in the marketplace) where you can purchase alternate colors of the starting skins, and a rare item seller who sells a different rare item each day.

Gym 1: Wilds Badge[]

The leader of the Ceropia City Gym is Natalie, who uses Normal-type Pokemon.

Natalie's gym puzzle requires taking one-way ziplines and jumping across stumps in order to get over the mud pit. If you fall into the mud, you will be sent to your last non-stump location. In order to make all the necessary jumps, you must run (hold X) and jump (hold C) at the same time. It may take some practice to get it down, but the puzzle is possible on both PC and mobile devices!

Team: Gym Leader Natalie
Pupsea lv. 14

Ability: Thick Fat


Bubble Beam

Sparruff lv. 13

Ability: Early Bird


Quick Attack

Aipom lv. 14

Ability: Run Away


Fury Swipes

Achievement: Stump Jumper[]

To unlock the Stump Jumper achievement, you must clear the longest jump in Natalie's gym twice: out to the farthest land block and back (enclosed in the red rectangle in the image below).

Stump Jumper Screenshot.png

Path to Gym 2[]