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Rica is a playable region on Pokéngine, created by Fuzzy. It features many exclusive species in the Rica dex, a Gym challenge, and unique locations including a rainforest, a vibrant city, and deep-sea vents. Travel to Rica is possible via the Airport. To leave Rica and travel to other regions, simply visit any port city and talk to the sailor on the docks.


Map Area Name Description
White Wharf Small dock surrounded by steep rocky cliffs. Home to Professor Piper's research facility, where new trainers receive their starter Pokemon.
Route R1 Short, grassy route above steep ocean cliffs. Connects White Wharf to Sprig Town.
Sprig Town A small town filled with scientists who work at the nearby research facility.
Route R2 Route along a sandy beach. Connects Sprig Town and Totora Town.
Totora Town A quiet fishing town up against the sandy shores of Rica's western peninsula.
Route R3 Short grassy route. Connects Totora Town and Ceropia City.
Ceropia City A small, beautiful city in the hills with a lively marketplace. Provides access to Ento Jungle.
Ento Jungle Scary bug jungle watch out there's bugs and mud
Route R4 Short clearing after Ento Jungle with a fork in the road. Leads to Route R5 or Trailer Camp.
Route R5 Steep, rocky route leading up a mountain. Connects Route R4 and Pitch Town.
Pitch Town A small mining town in the mountains. Provides access to Crystal Cave.

Notable Locations:

Crystal Cave

Crystal Caves A long, convoluted cave system full of glowing crystals. The locals mine it for ore.
Trailer Camp This camp functions as a pop-up town for the construction workers involved with the Rica Regional Highway.
Rica Regional Highway.png
Rica Regional Highway This highway is under construction and full of bored workers! Connects Trailer Camp and Dende Town.
Dende Town Ranching town centered on an old road. Once a bustling center of trade, Dende Town is now a quiet little town, though it draws in vacationers from the city.

Notable Locations:

The Berry Barn

The Grumpy Gogoat

Dende Café


Main article: List of Encounters in Rica

Rica is home to many original Fakemon as well as Pokemon from the Nintendo regions. Currently, the Rica Dex includes 161 Fakemon and 39 official Pokemon. Of these, 135 total Mons are currently obtainable in the Rica region, and another 4 are obtainable in event regions only.


New trainers who begin their journeys in Rica may choose between three starters: Cotylit, Bunfin, and Mirmoor.

Sprite Name Type Dex
Cotylit.png Cotylit Grass "Cotylit are popular as first Pokemon for children because of their docile nature. A happy Cotylit's petals turn deep pink."
Bunfin.png Bunfin Fire "Bunfin live in rocky, mountainous areas, where they mark their territory by scorching surrounding rocks. They can make a high-pitched whistling noise by quickly blowing hot air through their snouts."
Mirmoor.png Mirmoor Water "Mirmoor like to play in bogs and other bodies of water. They act tough but run to their parents when threatened."

Hidden Abilities[]

Main article: Hidden Abilities

You can receive a small number of Hidden Ability Mons at the moment. All eggs the player receives or finds will always have a Hidden Ability.


Appearance Name Location Info
Professor Piper's sprite
Professor Piper Professor Piper is a famed wildlife researcher in Rica, and she has been looking for skilled trainers such as yourself to help her study the secrets of the rainforest. The wild Pokémon in Rica are growing more aggressive and dangerous every day, and during your journey, you’ll work by her side to uncover what could be causing these strange phenomena.
Natalie's sprite
Natalie Ceropia City Natalie is the first gym leader you’ll encounter on your journey. With her team, which consists primarily of Normal-type Pokémon, she leads the Ceropia City Gym. She has an adventurous spirit, and she loves extreme sports such as rock climbing. If you defeat her in a double battle, she’ll award you the Wilds Badge.
Warren's sprite
Warren Areca City The Areca City Gym is led by none other than Warren. He loves nature just as much as Natalie, though he’s a bit more laid-back. Nevertheless, he’s always up for a challenging battle! If you emerge victorious against his Water-type partners, he’ll present you with the Oceanic Badge.


Welcome to Rica, a small, tropical island with a variety of environments and high biodiversity. Much of Rica is covered in a dense rainforest and jungles, but the island also contains many other habitats, including mountains, meadows, prairies, plains, volcanoes, dry forests, savannahs, beaches, and of course the ocean. The beaches, both rocky and sandy, are extremely popular among residents and tourists. Many Pokemon in Rica can be found nowhere else, while others are familiar to advanced Pokémon trainers. Some Rica natives, like Terundra, can be found in Atlas as well.

Along your journey, you’ll also assist Professor Piper, who has been looking for skilled trainers to help her study the secrets of the rainforest. The wild Pokemon in Rica are growing more dangerous every day, and she wants to know what could be causing their aggression.

To enter the jungles, you will need to prove your strength by earning gym badges from the four gyms in the region. Trainers in Rica love to double battle. Be prepared to face nearly every trainer in double battle format, including the gyms!

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