Pokengine Wiki

The world of the Pokéngine MMO consists of numerous user-created Regions, each with their own unique maps, Mons, and story. Travel between regions is possible via the Airport.

The following is a list of playable and planned regions in the game.

Region Name Status Description
HUB Island Available A manmade island constructed to act as a central hub for all cross-regional travel. It is the perfect vacation spot for Mon trainers!
Rica Available A semi-tropical region with many never-before-seen species. Enjoy an all-new adventure with a focus on double battles.
Borovia Available A spooky region with constant thunderstorms. Created for the Halloween 2020 event.
Easter Island Available An island overflowing with life. Hatch Eggs to awaken the island's guardian. Created for the Spring 2020 event.
Summer Island Available A relaxing beach island with species from all across the world. Prepare for a tropical vacation! Created for the Summer 2019 event.
Retro Kanto Available A nostalgic journey through memories. A faithful re-creation of Red and Green in an 8-bit style.
Neo Sinnoh Available Sinnoh is a spacious Region, drenched in history. An enormous mountain range divides the region in half.
Cloudia Available A region up in the sky, set on the clouds, unknown to most but seen by all, even if they are not aware of it. The next frontier for explorers and adventurers, where you can find towns, cities, ancient ruins and natural wonders, and of course, Pokémon!
Centennial Valley Available A luscious haven for many different Pokémon species hidden between the Millennium Mountains.
Atlas Unavailable A varied Region, filled with new Pokémon and people of every culture.
Otopo Unavailable A diverse region with many never-before-seen species. Enjoy an all-new adventure with a focus on exploration and puzzles.
Aristos Unavailable A beautiful Region, with familiar Pokémon and new friends alike.
Nosto Unavailable A charming region, filled with many new Pokémon and friendly faces.
Panjaea Unavailable
Retro Johto Unavailable ...