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This Wiki contains generation information and user guides for the browser based Monster MMORPG, Pokéngine.

This MMO is unique in that it is both a playable game and an engine that allows users to create their own Regions, Dexes and Mons. New content in the game is entirely user-driven. Whether you wish to create your own monster-battling RPG, or simply want to explore a vast world full of challenges and mysteries, this Wiki can help guide you!

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Game Content[]

Rica.png Borovia.png Easter Island.png
Rica Borovia Easter Island
Summer island.png
Retro Kanto.png
Sinnoh Region Map.png
Summer Island Retro Kanto Neo Sinnoh
More Regions coming soon! More Regions coming soon! More Regions coming soon!

Creator Tools & Guides[]

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The Wiki is intended to be a compilation of user-created guides and resources related to this online RPG and game creation tool. You can help out by creating pages, adding images and links, and sharing this resource with anyone that is curious about Pokéngine.