Pokengine Wiki

Pokéngine is run by a dedicated team of staff who manage the MMORPG and Discord.

Site Staff[]


Responsible for coding the engine itself.

  • Jext is the lead developer and programmer on Pokéngine. He runs the server and maintains the code that makes Pokéngine tick! He is a mad genius and a bit of a troll. He's pretty busy a lot of the time so it is suggested that players ask the other admins or staff for assistance when they need it.
  • Zermonious is an assistant developer on Pokengine and the owner of the Interregional dex. He's also the father of Spinda bot.


un the website, including managing all Dexes, approving Dex and Region requests and helping players out in the MMORPG.

  • Kyledove, who owns Atlas, Isiah, Oceane, Junnin, Odysso, JurassicWorld, Cyare, and NeoNintendo dexes and the Atlas and Neo Sinnoh regions.
  • Fuzzy, who owns Rica region and dex.
  • Coonae, who owns the Korza dex.
  • Marshlands, who owns the Okeno dex.
  • Azria, who owns the Orohn-Havai and Avoris dexes.
  • Ginzuishou, who owns the Aristos dex and region.


Can view all dexes and have in-game controls including the ability to teleport and manage players and items.

  • Twitch, who owns the Tandor and Altera dexes and the Borovia and Easter Island regions. Founded this wiki.
  • TrainerRed
  • Hyo
  • Wylde
  • SonicsShadow

Discord Staff[]


  • Kyledove
  • Fuzzy
  • Zermonious
  • Azria
  • Marshlands


  • Twitch
  • DrTapeworm
  • MegaCrustle
  • stormbringer15
  • Koizumi_Koharu

Former or Retired Staff[]

Pour one out for the homies. (This section is under construction!)