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The PC is used to store Mons.

There are both Regional PCs and the Global PC. Regional PCs are specific to a given Region, whereas the Global PC can be accessed from any Region that has enabled it. Hence, the Global PC can be used for interregional transfer.

To access the Global PC, click the "Global PC" button in the bottom left of the screen when inside the PC system. To return to the Regional PC, click the "Regional PC" button. To move Mons between PCs, move them first to your Party.

While you are in the HUB area, the basic PC you view is the Global PC. To move Mons obtained in the HUB area to a specific region, you need to go to that region and access the Global PC to retrieve them.

Global PC Access by Region
Region Currently available? Unlock method
HUB Island Yes Complete intro tutorial
Retro Kanto Yes Defeat Elite 4 at Indigo Plateau
Rica Yes Speak to aide at Areca City Transportation Center after clearing Gym 2
Summer Island Yes Obtain Surf and locate the hidden treasure.
Easter Island No TBA
Borovia Yes Defeat the Count
Cloudia Yes Defeat the Champion
Neo Sinnoh No TBA
Otopo No Defeat the Champion of the Otopo Region