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Otopo (pronounced O-toe-po) is a currently in-development yet unplayable region on Pokéngine, created by PixelMister. There are currently over 200 Pokémon which have been discovered and catalogued in the Otopo Dex.

The Otopo Region boasts a competitive Gym Challenge and also many hidden areas prompting you to explore more than before. Otopo will feature many different unique locations, ready for you to explore and enjoy when the region is complete! Travel to Otopo is easy through the teleportation chambers situated in Pokémon Centres and the few train stations around the region.


Otopo is home to a multitude of different and wonderous locations, where people and Pokémon alike make their home. The Otopo region is comprised of four main landmasses, each with their own unique amalgamation of biomes and locales. Will you adventure into the harsh deserts of the northwest or get lost in the deep jungle to the south. Exploration is the key to Otopo. You never know what you might encounter!

Map Area Name Description Population
Haycot Town "The Town of Fresh Beginnings" Haycot Town is the most south-easterly town in Otopo. Surrounded by lushous vegetation, its the perfect place for elderly Pokemon Trainers to live in peace. The recently qualified Professor Oleanda lives here.
Route O1 Route O1 is the first route which you encounter on your journey. A mountainous route with rough grassy terrain for you to traverse. Here you will be challenged by many trainers beginning their adventure.
Invermere City "Serene views and calming vibes" Invermere City is connected to Haycot Town by Route O1. It connects to Routes O1, O2 and O4, and boasts many different trainers hailing from each of Otopo's four main islands. The Trainer Centre here is a great place to learn about the art of Pokemon battling.
Route O2 Route O2 is on the border of one of Otopo's biggest cave structures. A winding dirt path connects Invermere City to Bridge Cave. Many hikers and backpackers make stop here on their journey through Otopo to mine for gems and crystals in the cave.
Bridge Cave
Route O3 Route O3 is the north end of the Bridge Cave area. Due to being a well-traversed route by trainers exploring the cave; there are no wild Pokemon here. Route O3 also links to Aberfirth Forest.
Aberfirth Forest
Route O4
Aberfirth City "Developing with the flow of the waves" Aberfirth City is connected to Route O4. Originally a small port town, it was recently developed further by the Aberfirth City Gym Leader: Norma. A big tourist destination, Aberfirth City plays host to one of the biggest markets in the Pokemon world.
Route O5 Route O5 is a lake locale, with many different and exciting Pokemon for you to encounter. The lake divides the lushous forest area of Invermere City to the protected landscape of Otopo's smallest desert.
Route O6



New trainers who begin their journeys in Otopo may choose between three starters: Elefern, Kinfowl, and Cubble provided by the Otopo Region Professor: Professor Oleanda.

Sprite Name Type Dex
OtopoElefern.png Elefern Grass "Elefern is extremely gentle and often takes care of lost and scared Pokemon. If angered, it will trumpet its trunk and call the rest of its herd. Elefern is more suited for the more compassionate of trainers."
OtopoKinfowl.png Kinfowl Fire "Kinfowl are often found in mountainous peaks. If startled it can release embers of over 2000 degrees centigrade. Kinfowl is suitable for the more hot-headed trainer."
OtopoCubble.png Cubble Water "It is very territorial and will fearlessly stand up to bigger and stronger foes without hesitation. If owned from a kitten, Cubble will be extremely affectionate to its trainer and will love to play. Cubble is more suited for the more playful of trainers."


Sprite Name Description
Chia Chia is the female persona provided to beginning adventurists in the Otopo Region. Through the use of the Outfit Bag, this can be changed at any point.
Flax Flax is the male persona provided to beginning adventurists in the Otopo Region. Through the use of the Outfit Bag, this can be changed at any point.
Professor Oleanda Professor Oleanda is the youngest of the known Pokemon Professor's. She is an expert in charting Pokemon habitats, migration habits and territories.
Rival Quest


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