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Neo Sinnoh is both a continuation and a re-creation of the classic adventure from Platinum. Players can re-live this nostalgic adventure, alongside an all-new story with new characters. Though familiar, several unique surprises await curious players. Neo Sinnoh was built by Kyledove.

Players can access Neo Sinnoh via the Travel Screen. To leave the region, visit the basement of the Pokémon Center and speak to the lady at the counter. New and returning players begin their adventure in Sandgem Town.


Map Area Name Description
Sandgem Town
Sandgem Town A sandy town that is located right next to a beach. It is redolent with the salty scent of the sea.

Prof. Rowan's lab is the town's landmark. He conducts his studies on Pokémon here.

Sinnoh Route 201
Route 201 A small path through a lush, green, wooded area. The densely grown trees give off a thick aroma.
Sinnoh Twinleaf Town
Twinleaf Town A small town with the fresh scent of new leaves in the air. It feels like a place where adventures start. Region Champion Lucas' house is located here.
Sinnoh Lake Verity
Lake Verity One of the lakes that is symbolic of the water-rich Sinnoh Region. There is an odd legend associated with it. It is possible to enter the cave underneath the lake from the island in the middle.
Sinnoh Route 219
Route 219 A beautiful white-sand beach only five seconds on foot from Sandgem Town. A pleasant breeze flows from the sea.
Sinnoh Route 202
Route 202 A winding path that twists through grassy fields. Young Trainers like to test their battle skills here.
Sinnoh Jubilife City
Jubilife City The most modernized city in the Sinnoh region. It is bustling with people on the go. The Pokétch Company, the developer and manufacturer of the Pokétch, is located here.

Jubilife TV, Sinnoh's TV network, is located here. It is an entertaining place to visit. The Global Terminal is located here. It is your connection to the entire world.

Located here is the Trainers' School. Drop in to study up on the basics of Pokémon.

Route 218 Despite its shortness, this road is revered by fishing enthusiasts as a great, yet little known, fishing spot.


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As this region is mostly a port of Platinum, there are not many new mons. However, some Mons not previously encounterable in Sinnoh do make new appearances.

Image Name Type Location
Rolycoly.png Rolycoly Rock Oreburgh Mine


Appearance Name Location Info
Professor Dawn Sandgem Town Having recently received her credentials, Dawn is studying space and time, along with the mystery surrounding the Distortion World.
Ray Roaming One of the possible player options - if not selected, they will become a rival.
Lux Roaming One of the possible player options - if not selected, they will become a rival.
Ojiisan Sandgem Town Dawn's grandad. Born in the Johto Region, Ojiisan was childhood friends with Kurt and helped develop Apricorn Pokéballs. He leads a quiet, simple life caring for his bonsai.
Seth Roaming A strange youth who you occasionally encounter on your travels.


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