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Screenshot of Watuber's dex page from the Atlas region.

Mons, also known as Pokémon or Fakemon, are collectible monsters that the player can obtain, level up, and evolve on Pokéngine. Every Mon belongs to a Dex onsite, but only some Mons are obtainable in-game.

Mon Stats[]

All Mons have a variety of stats, including Battle Stats, Abilities, Characteristics, Moves, Evolution(s), and more.

Battle Stats - Consist of HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed.
Abilities - Can have up to two regular and one hidden ability. Abilities must be selected from the list of abilities. New abilities will be added on a case by case basis. To add a custom ability to your Mon, contact a site developer. (Note: Ability functionality is not implemented in-game yet.)
Characteristics - Such as height, weight, Egg steps, etc.
Moves - The attacks and techniques a Mon learns as it levels up. Moves must exist in the list of moves. To add a custom move, contact the developers.
Evolution(s) - Mons can have single or branching evolutions, as well as Mega Evolutions. Its evolution also needs to exist in the same Dex.


In-game sprites for Watuber.

All Mons must have pixel art imagery. To count as "complete", a mon must have all of the following sprites: Front sprite, back sprite (full-body), icon, overworlds, and shiny sprites. Pokéngine features a shiny editor that allows users to edit color palettes of sprites that were uploaded to the site.

Additionally, Mons may have a Cry, which is an .ogg audio file.

Putting a Mon in game[]

To insert a Mon into your map with Mapbuilder, you can use the following jCoad command:

&mon=pikachu,nintendo;level 5;female

This will gift the player a level 5 female Pikachu from the Nintendo dex.
To trigger a battle with a specific mon, you can use the same format, replacing the trigger with a battle trigger:

&battle=pikachu,nintendo;level 5;female

This will start a wild battle with a level 5 female Pikachu.
You can also include Mons in the Encounters for a given map, or on a trainer's team.
If you create an NPC and use a Mon's name as the sprite ID, then the NPC will use that Mon's overworld sprite and play the Mon's cry whenever the player interacts with the NPC.