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This article contains a list of currently known bugs in the game. If you encounter one of these or a new bug, report it in the #glitches channel on the Discord.

A common method of resolving in-game issues and errors is clearing your cache. On Google Chrome, you can clear cache by going to History > Browsing data > Cached images and files. If you are stuck, try clearing your cache and reloading the game client.

Game Freeze/Crashing[]

The game client has been known to hang sporadically or stop responding. This can be due to a number of factors, including: internet interruptions, disagreement between server and client-side data, an error or typo in a JCoad script, or other factors. Try clearing your cache and reloading the game window. If the crashing persists, report it in #glitches.

Battles Not Responding[]

Sometimes, battles will stop responding. This is generally due to a move having a typo or error in its effect code. Avoid using moves that have these effects, and when up against an AI opponent that uses them, try to defeat it without it using the move. If you encounter a persistent battle bug, report it in #glitches

Graphical and Visual Errors[]

"Ghost" sprites[]

Occasionally, maps will load event and NPC placement incorrectly, resulting in sprites appearing in unusual places or out of bounds. Press F5 to reload the game window, and if that does not work, clear your cache.