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jCoad is the custom coding language Pokéngine uses. Users with access to Mapbuilder can import tilemaps made with Tilefuser and add objects, sprites, encounters, and trainers to bring areas to life in-game. Learning to use jCoad is critical to making games in this engine. This article aims to explain the basics of jCoad to those who are curious.

For some pre-made common jCoad scripts that can be copied and/or modified to insert into your own maps, see: Example jCoad Scripts

jCoad Terms[]

Object - A 16x16 tile on the map containing jCoad commands.

Root Object - A special type of object that has pre-written code already inside of it. Additional instance-specific code can be added on top of this pre-written code. Several Root Objects are included in Mapbuilder by default; users may also create their own Root Objects. Convenient for a reocurring event or sprite (e.g. glow lights, footprints, etc.)

Sprite - A static .png image uploaded to Mapbuilder. Has the image format 1234/sprite.png , with 1234 being replaced by the User ID of the person who uploaded the sprite.

Trigger - A specific command in jCoad that creates a certain effect. usually prefaced by the & symbol. Examples include: &freeze, &wait= &warp=, &battle=, &mon=. Triggers can be placed one after another and will happen in the order they are read in sequence.

Var - Short for 'Variable'. There are 3 kinds of variables in jCoad: standard variables, map variables and event variables. The differences between these are detailed in the Variables section below.

Adding Jcoad to your Map[]

Sprites & Animations[]

Types of Triggers[]