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HUB Island is a manmade island constructed to act as a central hub for all cross-regional travel. It is the perfect vacation spot for Mon trainers! It features many attractions, including a travel center, battle facilities, and a safari ferry port.

Unlike a traditional region, HUB Island does not have a story progression and does not focus on a single Dex for available Mons. Instead, the island acts as a hub connecting to other small side-areas which draw from different Dexes. Mons in the HUB Dex include starters and other event-specific Mons seen in event regions such as Borovia and Easter Island.


Travel Center[]

The travel center, situated at the north end of HUB Island, allows trainers to travel to other regions. This center also provides information on each region.

Note: The facility is not yet open. You can travel by interacting with the door.

World Tournament / Battle Tower[]

The World Tournament and Battle Tower challenges share a building, which is located on the northeast side of the island.

Battle Tower[]

In the Battle Tower challenge, trainers challenge a tower of infinite opponents using a team of three Mons. Battles are single and fixed-level format, which means that all Mons' levels are set to 50 for the duration of the battle. Aim for the highest win streak!

Trainers may challenge the HUB-located Battle Tower, or a regional Battle Tower challenge. The only difference between these challenges at the moment is the region in which the prizes are received.

In the Battle Tower, certain species of Mon are restricted and cannot be used.

Restricted Mons
Mon Sprite

World Tournament[]

The World Tournament challenge is not yet available.

Battle Factory[]

The Battle Factory challenge is located on the northwest side of the island. Trainers can enter a battle challenge using a team of three rental Mons rather than their own Mons. After each win, the trainer has the option to trade one of their rental Mons for one of the Mons on the defeated opponent's team.

Note: The facility is not yet open.

Safari Ferry[]

The Safari Ferry station is located on the southwest side of HUB island. In the lobby, trainers can select a Safari Zone to enter. The lobby also includes trainers which will offer the player challenges.

Each Safari Zone has a different set of Mons available to catch through a Safari Game. Upon landing on the island, the Game begins and lasts for a set number of steps, which varies by Zone. Instead of battling wild Mons to capture them, the player instead sees four unique options: Throw Safari Ball, Throw Rock, Throw Bait, and Inspect. Safari Balls are a special kind of Poke Ball which can only be used in Safari Zones. Throwing a Rock will make the Mon easier to catch, but more likely to flee. Throwing Bait will make the Mon less likely to flee, but harder to catch. Finally, Inspect will display the Mon's current emotional state (whether it is likely to flee or not). The game ends when the player runs out of steps or Safari Balls, whichever comes first.

Safari Zones
Zone Theme Steps Unlock Method
Timber Thicket Pine Forest 200 Start
Rolling River Riverside 400 Show Stantler to the Hiker

Traveling Trainers[]

HUB Island is full of other visiting trainers who will often be looking for a battle. After you complete the tutorial, trainers who are looking for a battle will have an exclamation point bubble [!] over their heads. The trainers who want to battle will change every in-game hour. Their initial teams scale to the level of your party. However, after you defeat Will in Draeguntale Island, the trainers will use teams of level 55, fully evolved Mons.

Draeguntale Island[]

Main article: Draeguntale Island

At the end of the docks in the southern part of HUB Island is a mysterious dragon tamer. After you unlock the Rolling River safari, he will battle you. If you defeat him, he will offer to take you to Draeguntale Island.

Draeguntale Island is a small island with a cave system that features many powerful Mons from the Nintendo Dex.



The marketplace is located on the north end of the island and includes two shops: the TM shop sells a few TMs, while the Special Shop sells different sets of rare items each day.

Special Shop Item Selection
Shop Items Rarity
Healing Herbs Energy Powder

Energy Root

Heal Powder

Battle Herbs Power Herb

Mental Herb

White Herb

Battle Seeds Psychic Seed

Grassy Seed

Electric Seed

Misty Seed

Rare Balls Luxury Ball

Hazard Ball

Crash Ball



Macho Brace

Destiny Knot

Soothe Bell

Evo Stones 1 Fire Stone

Water Stone

Leaf Stone

Thunder Stone

Evo Stones 2 Ice Stone

Sun Stone

Moon Stone


(half price)







Evo Stones 3 Dusk Stone

Dawn Stone

Shiny Stone



The PokeMart is located on the south end of the island. Here you can purchase standard trainer items. The selection improves after you unlock Draeguntale Island.

Gacha Machines[]

Gacha machines are scattered throughout the island. They are not yet functional.

Event Stall[]

The event stall is located on the south end of the island, near the Safari Zone building. Limited time items will be available here.

Tutorial Walkthrough[]

Your first Pokéngine experience will be loading into HUB Island, where you are greeted by the HUB Island host. He will guide you through a quick tutorial on widgets and naming Mons, and then give you your starter. You can choose between three color option variants of the Mon Mobipup, which are all identical in terms of stats.

HUB Starters
Sprite Color Type
Dogo g.png Green Steel
Mobipup b.png Blue Steel
Mobipup p.png Pink Steel

Before you can access the Travel Center, you must complete the full tutorial by finding the four NPCs mentioned by the host and completing short tasks for them. Each of the NPCs you must find will be located outside and have an exclamation point bubble [!] over their head.

Tutorial NPC Locations
Name Location Task
Taylor Marketplace Defeat in battle
Kaia Battle Tower Entrance Defeat in battle
Ivan and Tori Park in south part of island Catch Pidgey

Defeat in battle

Safari Staff Safari Zone entrance, south part of island Speak

After completing the tutorial, you gain the ability to enter buildings including the Travel Center, Safari Zone, and Battle Tower.