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Pokemon stats page.

Stats page showing a Mon with maxed EVs.

Effort values, or EVs, are points earned by a Mon through battle, vitamins, or other means. EVs raise a Mon's battle stats. A mon can have a total of 510 EVs, with a maximum of 252 in any one stat. When a Mon has reached the maximum number of EVs, the "EV" at the top of the stats summary page will turn red.

Due to effort values, trained Mons are usually stronger than wild Mons, even those of the same level.

Effort Points[]

Screenshot of the Dex page for Solana, which gives 1 HP EV and 2 Special Attack EVs when defeated.

Defeated Mons give out 1, 2 or 3 effort points to a particular stat, depending on species. The points given by each Mon can be seen on its website Dex page; the number and color of squares correspond to to the effort points given. However, in battle formats that do not give any experience (such as in the Battle Tower), Mons will not gain any effort points.

The contribution of EVs to a Mon's stat is calculated by dividing by 4 and disregarding the remainder. At level 100, a Mon's stats will be one stat point higher in a specific stat for every four effort points gained in that stat. Therefore, ignoring natures, you can add 63 points to a stat (at level 100) through EV training.

Mons gain effort points at the same time as experience, so when a Mon levels up mid-battle, the newly gained EVs will be factored into the new stat. Additionally, stats are recalculated at the end of every battle, so EVs gained after a battle that did not result in a level up may still cause the stat to increase. Therefore, Mons can gain EVs from battling even at level 100.

EV-related Items[]

Various items can be used to increase EV gain or reset EVs. Vitamins and feathers are consumable items that add EVs to a Mon's stats. Similarly, the EV-reducing berries are consumable items which remove EVs from a Mon's stats. Finally, there are several held items which increase EV gain from battle by applying either a multiplier or flat bonus of EVs.

Stat Item Effect
HP HP Up Gain 10 EVs.
Attack Protein Gain 10 EVs.
Defense Iron Gain 10 EVs.
Sp. Attack Calcium Gain 10 EVs.
Sp. Defense Zinc Gain 10 EVs.
Speed Carbos Gain 10 EVs.

Stat Item Effect
HP Health Feather Gain 1 EV.
Attack Muscle Feather Gain 1 EV.
Defense Resist Feather Gain 1 EV.
Sp. Attack Genius Feather Gain 1 EV.
Sp. Defense Clever Feather Gain 1 EV.
Speed Swift Feather Gain 1 EV.

EV-reducing Berries
Stat Item Effect
HP Pomeg Berry Remove 10 EVs.
Attack Kelpsy Berry Remove 10 EVs.
Defense Qualot Berry Remove 10 EVs.
Sp. Attack Hondew Berry Remove 10 EVs.
Sp. Defense Grepa Berry Remove 10 EVs.
Speed Tamato Berry Remove 10 EVs.

Note: EV-reducing berries are not yet functional in Pokéngine.

Held Items
Stat Item Effect
HP Power Weight Gain an extra 4 HP EVs from each Mon defeated in battle.
Attack Power Bracer Gain an extra 4 attack EVs from each Mon defeated in battle.
Defense Power Belt Gain an extra 4 defense EVs from each Mon defeated in battle.
Sp. Attack Power Lens Gain an extra 4 special attack EVs from each Mon defeated in battle.
Sp. Defense Power Band Gain an extra 4 special defense EVs from each Mon defeated in battle.
Speed Power Anklet Gain an extra speed HP EVs from each Mon defeated in battle.
Macho Brace Doubles EVs gained from battle. Applies to all stats.

Note: Held items are not yet functional in Pokéngine.

EV Training[]

The process of intentionally raising your Mon's EVs in specific stats and avoiding others is called EV training. EV training can be done through use of items or battling, or a combination of both.

EV Training Locations[]

Some routes or other locations are especially good for EV training via battling wild Mons. These routes will have a high chance of encountering Mons that give the desired EV. The best routes are listed below by region.


EV Training Locations
Stat Location Mons Total Encounter Rate of Desired EV
HP Wild Beach Pupsea (1 HP)

Blubbark (2 HP)
Tropius (2 HP)
Cyton (1 DEF)
Wingull (1 SPE)
Archick (1 SPE)

Attack Route R6 Poochyena (1 ATK)

Tinion (1 ATK)
Ekans (1 ATK)
Odorable (1 ATK)
Tusslett (1 ATK)
Sparruff (1 SPE)
Sunole (1 SPA; day only)
Skunfume (1 SPE; night only)*

75% at night

65% at day

Defense Route R2

Waves encounter
Surf in tide pool inland

Cyton (1 DEF) 100%
Rock Smash Minilith (1 DEF) 100%
Sp. Attack Ceropia City (surf) Ostrodd (1 SPA) 100%
Sp. Defense Totora Town (surf) Tentacool (1 SPD)

Bubbweed (SPD)
Tentacruel (2 SPD)
Archick (1 SPE)
Wingull (1 SPE)
Terundra (2 SPE)
Starphin (1 SPA)


Note: Other surf areas have a total of 53% SPD instead

Speed Route R1 Sparruff (1 SPE)

Skurrel (1 SPE)
Archick (1 SPE)