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Easter Island is a collaborative mini-region made for the Spring 2020 event. It is a spooky region inspired by classic horror stories, movies and games. Travel to Easter Island is possible via the Airport. After completing the first chapter of the story, the Player can choose to leave the region by speaking to the Elder to the south of the Village.

The main story scenario was written by Twitch, with additional event coding by Fuzzy, MegaCrustle, Jext, and Light. Tiles were made by Kyledove, Light, Ginzuishou, Princess-phoenix, and Magiscarf. Maps were contributed by Light, Ginzuishou, and MegaCrustle. Sounds were courtesy of DrTapeworm, skurleton, Azria, and Fuzzy, and sprites were contributed by Twitch, Koizumi_Koharu, Marshlands, Fuzzy, Larrel, Light, Azria, DrTapeworm, Kyledove, Z-nogyroP, pudding, DaybreakM-Diapause, gojakobii, and PixelMister.


Map Area Name Description
A screenshot of Sunnyside Village on Easter Island.
Sunnyside Village
A screenshot of Bunny Beach on Easter Island.
Bunny Beach
Bloom Forest screeshot
Bloom Forest
A screenshot of Springtide Lake on Easter Island.
Springtide Lake
A screenshot of Verdant Garden on Easter Island.
Verdant Garden


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As a collaborative region, Easter Island does not have a Dex of its own but includes species from other regions across Pokéngine. However, a few species are or were exclusively found in Easter Island.

Image Mon Name Type Description Dex Page Link
Nezutama's sprite
Nezutama Electric/Normal "Often hides itself among clutches of Eggs. It can use its weak electric abilities to sense the health of an unhatched Egg." - The player's starter in Easter Island. link
Ovipter's sprite
Ovipter Normal "These troublesome Pokémon are notorious egg thieves. They are often seen snatching eggs and carrying them back to their nest." link
Hoppolat's sprite
Hoppolat Rock/Ground "It stands rigid as a statue and moves in short hops. Chocolate treats made in its likeness are handed out during spring festivals." link
Chocolate Togepi's sprite
Togepi (Chocolate) Fairy "The shell seems to be filled with joy. It is said that it will share good luck when treated kindly." link


The Count of Borovia. Voltenstein is a masterful scientist as well as a skilled Pokémon Trainer.

Appearance Name Location Info
Elder Sunnyside Village Upon your arrival, the Elder introduces you to the Region and tells you about the festival. He stays in the southern portion of Sunnyside Village, and he can give you helpful advice throughout your journey. Once you complete the first chapter of the story, he can help you travel to other regions.
Acolytes Everywhere Acolytes are found around the island, standing guard at the entrances to each area to prevent trainers from passing into the next area until their totem is the appropriate level.
Janitor Springtide Lake
Romeo Verdant Garden
Juliet Verdant Garden


Every year, the people of Easter Island gather in springtime to celebrate the awakening of their guardian Pokemon, the Lifebringer. However, this year, the Lifebringer has not awakened. The people must participate in a ritual to help rouse the Lifebringer from its sleep.

In order to wake the Lifebringer, the people of Easter Island hatch eggs. Select trainers participate in a totem challenge, facing 5 challenges as well as tests of their battling ability and egg-hatching capability.

Participating trainers receive an Easter Island Totem. When each challenge is completed, the totem powers up, gaining energy. Presenting a fully-powered totem to the Lifebringer should help to awaken it.