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Dexes are a form of user-created content on Pokéngine. They are archives of Mons including images, types, and stats. Some Dexes are connected to a playable Region in-game, but many are not. Dexes that exist primarily as a showcase, and are not connected to an in-game region are sometimes known as 'showdexes'.

To apply for a Dex, fill out an application. For a more detailed description of the requirements, please visit; https://pokengine.org/request

Certified Dexes[]

On the Dexes page, some Dexes are Certified. If a Dex has been certified then it's showcased as the best of the best!

This can be due to a combination of different factors:

  • It has many Mons and the majority have front sprites
  • It is being regularly updated
  • It features really high quality

To get your Dex certified, try to meet these criteria. Dexes are certified at the discretion of Staff.

Icon Dex Associated Region(s) Creator(s) Description
Nintendo dex icon
Nintendo Retro Kanto Game FREAK The familiar monsters you know and love. They appear in many regions throughout Pokéngine. Anyone is free to use these in their own regions. Gen 6+ sprites come from the community and various external sources.
Atlas dex icon
Atlas Atlas Kyledove A vast, colorful Dex containing many unique and lovable designs from creators across the Fakemon community. Atlas Region Mons appear in a variety of other regions, including event regions like Borovia and Summer Island.
Rica dex icon
Rica Rica Fuzzy "Welcome to the tropical island region Rica! Many Pokemon found in Rica are found nowhere else, while others are familiar to experienced Pokemon trainers. Some Rica natives, like Terundra, can be found in Atlas as well. The Pokemon of Rica inhabit a variety of habitats including jungles, meadows, mountains, volcanoes, dry forests, savannahs, rocky and sandy shores, and the ocean."
Orohn-Havai dex icon
Orohn-Havai Azria "The Orohn-Havai Region is a tropical region decorated with lush greenery filled with many kinds of Pokémon just as colorful as the scenery of the islands. The region is divided into two Regions."
Interregional dex icon
Interregional Zermonious "With the nuclear destruction of the Zegroh region, many of its native Pokémon have fled to different regions across the world. Can you complete this interregional journey to unveil the lost history of the Zegroh region?"
Oceane dex icon
Oceane Kyledove An underwater region, full of many unique aquatic species and home to a new form of evolution, Abyssal Evolution. Some of Oceane's denizens may also be found in Atlas and on Summer Island.
Korza dex icon
Korza Coonae A nostalgic, retro-styled Dex. Some of its denizens may be encountered on Summer Island.
Aristos dex icon
Aristos Aristos Ginzuishou A beautiful region, largely populated by Mons familiar to all, with some region-specific variants and a few new species.
Okeno dex icon
Okeno Marshlands A Dex filled with unique and memorable Mons. Some of Okeno's mons may be encountered in Borovia.
Tandor dex icon
Tandor Twitch A Dex filled with mons familiar to those who have played Pokémon Uranium. Though Tandor itself is not playable in Pokengine, its mons may be encountered in regions such as Easter Island and Borovia.
Tokenn dex icon
Tokenn Marshlands The Tokenn Region (inspired by real-life Miyajima / Itsukushima Island) contains exclusively official Pokémon, but they all feature original battle sprites and unique shiny colorations. Some Pokémon's abilities and stats have been changed, and move learnsets were updated. All of this has the intentions of creating a fresh experience for the player and a fun competitive scene in the future.
Novrai dex icon
Novrai Z-nogryoP "The Novrai region is based on Canada. A diverse region with many environs and a stunning variety of Pokémon to match, most people and Pokémon can find a comfortable home somewhere or other here. Rocky mountains, frozen forests, dry deserts, and beachside resorts are just some of the places you’ll find here. Prof. Douglas Ferdinand and Prof. Alexandria Holly will start you and your rival off on your journey from Permint Town."
Qamor Megancrustle, Larrel "The Qamor region is heavily based on the Caribbean and Central America and is influenced by Latin American culture. All sprites, designs, stats, and move-sets are created by me and my brother but I'm always open to accept help working on any of these!"
Ferroa dex icon
Ferroa DrTapeworm "The Ferroa region is based on the western United States, particularly the West Coast. An industrious region spanning the western coast of a large continent, several locales such as desert canyons, seaside resorts, haunted bogs, and more can be found here, all connected by a vast highway system. All is not as it seems, however; rumors of mysterious phenomena from outer space and subsequent sightings of suspicious men in suits have caused a local stir."
Hiza dex icon
Hiza egg_
Ionos dex icon
Ionos Realm
Norheim dex icon
Norheim Realm "Northeast of the Galar region lies a small group of islands. Surrounded by strong winds, currents and jagged cliffs; Norheim is as hostile as it is beautiful. Dependent on the seasons, the environment and the climate in this region changes drastically each year. Some of the Pokemon who live in Norheim are familiar while some will be new to an outsider."
Mythire dex icon
Mythire DrTapeworm

Other Dexes[]

Icon Dex Associated Region(s) Creator(s) Description
Dhiome haritos Dhiome contains Mons that are created by Mon Artist: haritos. This is currently a showdex.
Otopo Otopo PixelMister Welcome to the Otopo Region! Situated south of the Sevii Islands, Otopo can be accessed from other regions by the airport in the central-most city - Primastu City. Otopo is vastly different to the other regions in the Pokémon world, with it having four distinct landmasses, each with its own climate, landscapes, and governing bodies. A new place, and new people! A whole new adventure awaits!
Orbis Blumoo Orbis contains Mons that are created by Mon Artist; Blumoo. This is currently a showdex.
Pangeo Geoisevil Pangeo contains Mons that are created by Mon Artist; Geoisevil. This is currently a showdex.
Argon Veenerick Argon contains Mons that are created by Mon Artist; Veenerick. This is currently a showdex.
Teiala Teiala contains Mons which are currently privated.
Cretassic Various Cretassic is a mixed show and play dex, which is a compilation of Mon which are linked to Pre-History.
Koharo Koharo contains Mons which are currently privated.
Avoris Azria Avoris contains Mons which are created by Mon Artist; Azria. Alongside Orohn-Havai, these Mon will eventually be catchable.
Fliga Fliga contains Mons that are created by Mon Artist: Skurleton. This is currently a showdex.
Nosto Nosto Pudding
Enriko nixliz
HUB Borovia, Easter Island Staff HUB contains Mons that are exclusively obtained in event regions such as Easter Island and Borovia.
Panjaea JaneJewel
Tokas TerryTibke
Pastel Island
Mystis Dylando
Lonava KingTapir
Alkhas timburrapologist
Emotes Staff Includes various emotes and sound effects to be used in the in-game chat.