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Borovia is a collaborative mini-region made for the Halloween 2020 event. It is a spooky region inspired by classic horror stories, movies and games. Travel to Borovia is possible via the Airport. After completing the first chapter of the story, the Player can choose to leave the region by speaking to the Corviknight taxi driver to the south of the Courtyard.

The main story scenario was written by Twitch, with additional dialogue and events by Kyledove. Additional maps, graphics and events were contributed by MeganCrustle, Fuzzy and Ginzuishou.


Map Area Name Description
Borovia Courtyard
Courtyard The outskirts of the Count's Manor. Contains a pond, a graveyard, a wooded area, and an entrance to the Manor itself.
Borovia Manor 1F
Manor 1F The first floor of the Manor. Contains the Guest Bedroom, the Secret Shop, the Music Room, the Dining Room, and the Lounge.
Manor 2F
Manor 2F The second floor of the Manor. Contains the Master Bedroom, the Library and the Spare Room.
Abyssal Cave BF1
Abyssal Cave BF1 A large cave system that lies beneath the Manor. Rickety bridges span the chasm, requiring players to jump across the gap.
Abyssal Cave BF2
Abyssal Cave BF2 The dark and dank depths below the Abyssal Cave BF1. It's connected to the Abyssal Cave BF1, but is otherwise a dead-end.
Borovia Oubliette
Oubliette A dark prison where unruly guests are locked away on the orders of the Count.
Borovia Laboratory
Laboratory A facility where scientists carry out dubious experiments at the behest of the Count.
Borovia Backwoods
Backwoods The overgrown woods on the hill behind the Manor hide all kinds of ferocious beasts. There is a secluded cave at the peak of the mountain.
Borovia Tower
Tower Not much is known about the Count's tower, save for the fact that it is heavily guarded, and the Count has been known to remain in his tower for days at a time...


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As a collaborative region, Borovia does not have a Dex of its own but includes species from other regions across Pokéngine. However, a few species are or were exclusively found in Borovia.

Image Name Type Description
Brokenstein's sprite
Brokenstein Ghost "A failed experiment that was discarded by its creator. Its body appears to have been stitched together from various parts." - The player's starter in Borovia.
Gobblin's sprite
Gobblin Water/Dark "This Pokémon was said to be born from remains of different food that fell into a grody pond. Although clumsy and awkward-looking, it is loved by many." - Exclusive Mon for participants in the 2020 Halloween Event.


The Count of Borovia. Voltenstein is a masterful scientist as well as a skilled Pokémon Trainer.

Appearance Name Location Info
Corviknight Taxi Driver Courtyard A dedicated taxi driver of the Corviknight Taxi service who carries the player to Borovia, but gets waylaid by a sudden thunderstorm. The player must explore the Manor until his Corviknight gets better before they can leave.
1191.png977.png Lost Souls Everywhere A drifting remnant of fighting spirit from a Trainer that has passed on. It's said that defeating these Lost Souls in battle lets them freely pass on.
Count Voltenstein Crown of Borovia The legendary Count that owns the Manor and all its surrounding lands. Voltenstein was once a powerful trainer of renown, but has retreated into his Manor and his research following a tragedy that took place many years ago. His research is all that concerns him now, and it will take determined and enterprising guests to reach him at the peak of the tallest tower in the Manor...


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A strange invitation, a spooky house in the woods, a mysterious Count. The player finds themselves stranded on a dark and stormy night, after receiving an invitation from the Count of Borovia summoning them to his Manor. There, the player will have to prove themselves to gain entry to the manor, collecting all manor of spooky Mons as they delve deeper into the Manor's secrets.

Available TMs[]

After you beat the story and enter the hall of fame, a TM salesman will appear in the Courtyard, just to the left of the mansion.

Borovia Available TMs
Move Price
Thunder Wave 5000
Will-O-Wisp 5000
Toxic 5000
Shadow Ball 10,000
Psychic 10,000
Dark Pulse 10,000
Sludge Bomb 10,000
Thunderbolt 10,000
Giga Drain 10,000
Rock Slide 10,000
Drain Punch 10,000
Dazzling Gleam 10,000
Dragon Pulse 10,000
Dragon Claw 10,000