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Atlas is an upcoming, currently unplayable region on Pokéngine, created by Kyledove.

It is a varied, expansive region that, rather than being based on one specific real-life location, tries to encompass parts of many cultures and locations worldwide - hence the name "Atlas".

Work on the region began in 2008 and has gone through many, many iterations. The dex is a collaborative effort between many fakemon creators.

The region was open for a period, but was shut to focus on improvements and to add a story. Goal is to open it up with up to 2 gyms.


Map Area Name Description
Academy.png Atlas Academy Only the best trainers are accepted into this prestigious academy for aspiring Pokémon Trainers and Champions.
Centralcity.png Central City The main hub of the Atlas region, Central City is a gathering spot for many trainers of different walks of life starting out their adventure. Key locations include the "Trainer Centre", a one-stop shop for all your trainer needs.
Beware the wild & unafraid urban Pokémon in the alleys!
Windmill.png Windmill Trail A line of vibrant red windmills lines this quaint flowery route. Many gentle & grass Pokémon can be found here.
Memorial.png Memorial Lane Crumbling fortified walls once defended the city from pirate raids and during the wars. A solemn memorial stands to commemorate all the blood spilled and fallen Pokémon. Many peaceful Pokémon can be found here.
Quarry.png Craggy Quarry This old quarry used to serve Central City, but has long been shut down. Rumours are some of the old tunnels can still be explored, and may hide a treasure. Many hardy & mountainous Pokémon can be found here.
Mineshaft.png Defunct Mine Shaft These tight, dark tunnels dug into the quarry, no longer filled with workers, are now home to many wild Pokémon.
Lakeshore.png Lakeshore A series of rippling lakes with boardwalks that is a popular location for the local fishermen. Many amphibious Pokémon can be found here.
Meritrot.png Meritrot Racetrack Home to the Meritrot races - a popular entertainment in the Atlas Region. Grab a saddle and test out your skills! Many energetic Pokémon can be found here.
Hayhill.png Hayhill Farm Quiet farmlands where time seems to have stopped. The produce farmed here is what keeps the markets of Central City alive.
Many healthy and fresh Pokémon can be found here.
Forestentrance.png Forest Entrance As you head north from the farmlands, the trees become bigger and numerous to provide cover for many woodland inhabitants.

Many nervous & scurrying Pokémon can be found here.

Windingwoods.png Winding Woods Enormous trees have completely blocked out the sunlight in the forest. Many winding paths provide a tricky terrain for trainers to traverse, but a popular rest spot can be found in the center for those seeking aid.

Many nocturnal Pokémon can be found here.

Twistedthicket.png Twisted Thicket A mysterious section of the forest that only sometimes opens itself up to trainers it deems brave enough. Pumpkin fields have taken over an ancient, abandoned cemetery.

Many spooky Pokémon can be found here.

Humtree.png Humtree Hamlet Over time, the growing community of lumberjacks attracted to the forests created this ever-expanding town. This Hamlet is home to a popular Gym built in the form of a Beehive!
Festivalfields.png Festival Fields The plaza located in the center is home for all kinds of celebrations in the Atlas region. People gather from all over to admire the seasonal changes and attempt to be the best of the best!

Many competitive Pokémon can be found here.

Sawmill.png Abandoned Sawmill The large, imposing sawmill has long since been shut down and abandoned, but is now home to many Pokémon and trainers. On occasion, thick smoke can still be seen pouring out of the old chimneys.

Many engineering Pokémon can be found here.

Ruinedfair.png Ruined Fair What once was a vibrant and happy fairground, has been claimed by the forest and Pokémon. An enourmous ferris wheel and carousel remind you of what once was.

Many trickster and candy-loving Pokémon can be found here.

Caveroadsouth.png Cave Road South The ground grows rough and bumpy before reaching the giant mouth of the cave tunnel. A large number of hikers pass through here daily.

Many rocky Pokémon can be found here.

Trainyard.png Trainyard A maze-like collection of train tracks and old trains are littered throughout this area. Trainers must use all their adventure skills to traverse this tough terrain.

Many derelict Pokémon can be found here.

Undergroundroad.png Underground Road A busy cave road that leads to the city. A recent cave-in has caused the road to shut. Workers are working dilligently on the re-opening, but won't say no to a battle or two. Many cave-loving Pokémon can be found here.


Main article: List of Encounters in Atlas

Atlas is home to many unique species.


New trainers who pass their Atlas Exam in Atlas may choose between fifteen starters (five for each type):

  • Fawnlora, Scurley, Baneep, Instick, Nawdile,
  • Scorchet, Vulkidna, Ruflame, Bunfin, Barkindle,
  • Finjoy, Pumpel, Liqueel, Caimar, and Watuber.
Sprite Name Type Description
Instafawnlora.png Fawnlora Grass "Due to their perfect camouflage, it is hard to estimate how many Fawnlora exist in the wild, or how close to extinction they may be. It's said a forest is blessed if it contains one."
Instascurley.png Scurley Grass "Scurley likes hopping around in fields and forests. It loves to occasionally dig holes and bury things in them."
Instabaneep.png Baneep Grass "Baneep prefer to live in thick canopies, protected from wind. They are a very affectionate species, doting and caring for one another."
Instainstick.png Instick Grass/Bug ""
Instanawdile.png Nawdile Grass "Nawdile are very sly and sneaky. On sunny days Nawdile like to lay in the sun for hours, absorbing the sun's energy. But be careful not to disturb them or they will come biting at you."
Scorchet.png Scorchet Fire "Small and nimble, Scorchet often make their homes inside fallen logs. When enraged, their ears will flare with fire."
Vulkidna.png Vulkidna Fire "Vulkidna make their homes near volcanic sites, where the earth is often dry and devoid of life. They bury down into the warm soil, and can lie there dormant for years until the volcano is active again."
Ruflame.png Ruflame Fire "Ruflame's ability to regenerate lost body parts is considered by most to be a phenomenon. It is subject to many investigations, in attempts to discover any applications its abilities may have in human medicine."
Bunfin2.png Bunfin Fire "Bunfin live in rocky, mountainous areas, where they mark their territory by scorching surrounding rocks. They can make a high-pitched whistling noise by quickly blowing hot air through their snouts."
Barkindle.png Barkindle Fire "Barkindle's body is very warm to hug, meaning kids and other Pokémon love to snuggle up to it. When angry, it will heat up and its tail will burn hot."
Finjoy.png Finjoy Water "They like to go where people are, and are often found on busy beaches. To entertain, they love doing tricks with beachballs and creating bubble shows."
Pumpel.png Pumpel Water "Whenever a Pumpel finds water, it drinks it up, and stores it on its back. It can traverse hot deserts for weeks, and has been known to provide water for lost travelers from its hose-like tail."
Liqueel.png Liqueel Water "Liqueel's long tail whips through the water as it swims, making it very fast. Some Liqueel use their tails to fight while trying to protect others."
Caimar.png Caimar Water "Caimar's blood is unusually warm, so it is attracted to cold water currents. Commonly born in Arctic waters, they swim through harsh currents to the tropics, where food is plentiful."
Watuber.png Watuber Water "Watuber are very playful and often like to amuse themselves in pools and near shores. Because they're not very good swimmers, they often borrow tubes and floaters."


Appearance Name Location Info
Alastor Academy Headmaster of the prestigious Atlas Academy.
Professor Heath Academy Famed Academy Professor who specializes in Pokémon habitats. Originally from Rica and studied under Professor Piper in her research facility.
Professor Anima Academy Famed Academy Professor who specializes in technology. She developed the Atlas Dex.
Professor Telomere Academy Famed Academy Professor who specializes in Pokémon biology. Responsible for supplying all newly graduated students with their starter.
Croft Roaming Your fellow student at the academy and sometimes rival.