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The Airport is a travel hub that allows players to access the various Regions throughout Pokéngine.

Its host is Zeppelina, the flying-type Gym Leader from the Atlas Region.

Zeppelina greets all players who access the Airport.

At the Airport, Regions that are marked as "Delayed" are not yet available to play in-game, while regions that are "Boarding" may be accessed and explored.

The following is a list of playable and planned regions in the game.

Region Name Status Method
HUB Available Talk to a receptionist in the transportation building located at the northern tip of the island.
Rica Available Talk to a Sailor at the dock of any coastal city or town.
Borovia Available Talk to the taxi driver after having unlocked the Manor.
Easter Island Available Talk to the travel agent near the southern tip of Sunnyside Village.
Summer Island Available Talk to the Sailor near the northern tip of the main island.
Retro Kanto Available Talk to the assistant at the right desk of any Pokémon Center.
Neo Sinnoh Available Talk to the assistant in the basement of any Pokémon Center.
Cloudia Available Via the hot air balloon located in the sky port.
Atlas Unavailable N/A
Aristos Unavailable N/A
Otopo Unavailable N/A
Retro Johto Unavailable N/A