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Pokéngine is a browser-based MMORPG, game creation tool, and archive of user-submitted Dexes, trainers and Mons. It has been in development since 2006. It is currently in closed beta. New players may access the MMORPG by joining the Discord and requesting access in the #access-pass channel.

Pokéngine runs in a web browser using HTML5 and JavaScript. Games built in the engine use jCoad, a custom scripting language. It runs best in Google Chrome. Both mobile and desktop versions are available. A downloadable client for the game is currently in development but is not yet available.

For beginners interested in trying out Pokéngine, the following articles may be helpful:

User-Created Content[]

Pokéngine is different from other monster MMORPGs due to its heavy focus on user-created content. With the exception of the Nintendo dex, Retro Kanto and Neo regions, all Dexes and regions available on-site consist of user-created fakemon, maps, and events. Because of this, Pokéngine's new content is entirely user-driven. Anyone can apply for a Dex or a Region, but only projects that show a strong commitment and high level of quality will be approved.

For those interested in creating a Dex or Region in the game, the following articles may help:

History of Pokéngine[]

Pokéngine has been in development since 2006. The engine has seen numerous improvements and complete overhauls in its more than 15 years of development. The lead developer is Jext. Other staff include Zermonious, Fuzzy, Kyledove, Marshlands, Coonae, and TrainerRed.

The latest build of the game, v.0.8.x, includes a fully featured battle system with move effects, stat buffs and debuffs, status, weather effects, and more. There is also PVP battle functionality. Additional features are planned to be included in the future. For more information, see: Planned Features